How to Add Punk Style to Your Wardrobe

As an artist you may like matching your visual aesthetic to your sound, kind of reinforcing your mood to your audience. Punk is edgy, unique, and striking for music and wardrobe. If you’re looking to add a more punk feel to your look, here are a few staples that you can consider.

Leather Jacket

Vintage, modern, or somewhere in between, you can’t go wrong with a black jacket. Leather is probably the most characteristic “punk” move, a very common piece in the 1980s when rock had a sort of revolution in popularity. According to The Fashion Tag, the leather jacket is a versatile piece you can throw on over anything; dress it up (over a dress or button up) or dress it down (over whatever t-shirt you feel like), the beauty of it is that it will go with anything and it adds an “edge” to your overall look.


Another go-to punk piece is footwear. Anything big, bold, and black is a good bet for this look. Some brand names make a statement for your image—Dr. Martens, for example. According to The Invincible Shoe, Dr. Martens boots in the music scene can be traced back to Pete Townsend of The Who. Townsend wore these to assert his rebellion over the boho, flowery looks of the 1960s, making Martens a kind of symbol of the rejection of the blasé and euphemistic trends in society. Let your footwear be a part of what makes you assertive and dominant.


One important thing to remember that you can never go wrong with: black. In punk fashion, black is the new black (and the old black, and the current black, and the future black.) Black is foundational for any punk style outfit… regardless of the stuff you throw on top, black is a safe bet for all pieces of your ensemble. That being said, accessorize like crazy. According to DesignFullPrint, punk is defined by challenging the normal simplicity of everyday wear; you can challenge your everyday wear with small but bold pieces of accessory. Patterns like plaid and checkers and prints with skulls darker, almost haunting images are very classic punk style. Add a pop of bright color on jewelry, t-shirts, scarves, and bands. Hair and nails are another good “canvas” to add color (or utilize the distinctive black trend of punk fashion.

Your look can add to your music. Leather, boots, and accessories can piece together your punk look, but do it in a way that you love, that represents you, and makes you feel confident—that’s what the “punk” genre is all about.

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