What Every Indie Band Needs on Their Website

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Indie bands need to promote themselves - not just offline, but online as well. And, there's no better way to promote your band than having your own website. Having a professional website is a great place to have all of the important information about your band in one place. But, having a website alone is not enough. Don't just throw some random content together and call it a day. Make sure your band website has the elements described below.

Music Samples

Your music is the single most important piece of content you need on your website, so having links to your music on your website is essential. Make it simple for new and old fans alike to access your music on a site like Spotify or Soundcloud. Place all of your recent and older music on your website with accompanying links to music streaming profiles and digital music stores. Also, if you sell music in physical formats, such as on vinyl or CDs, make sure to link to those as well. This makes it easier for fans to support you and your band.

Portraits of the Band

Give your fans something to look at. Whether it's photos on the stage or candid photos with fans, include a variety of photos of your band on your website. Make them easy to download and, if possible, make them scalable for mobile and desktop devices.

While cell phone cameras have come a long way, you should consider hiring a professional photographer for some of your website photos. Professional pictures not only look better, but they also show visitors that you take your craft seriously. Also, venue promoters and many members of the press turn to your website for professional pictures, so make sure to have some readily available for those who need them. A 30-minute photography session will usually get you 15 to 30 photos.


Music videos are as popular as ever, so make sure you have them readily accessible on your website. Even if you have YouTube or Dailymotion accounts with all of your music videos, it's important that you still embed these videos on your website for easy viewing. Don't limit yourself to just posting music videos. Feel free to post videos of other activities your band has done. It is your website, after all. Videos about daily life or behind-the-scenes footage can make fans feel like part of a community and show them that there's even more to your band than the music.

Contact and Social Media Links

Don't make it hard for people to contact your band. Make sure to include contact information on your website. Provide links on your website to all of your social media channels. Include contact info for other people affiliated with your band as well, such as your label or manager. This makes it easier for fans and industry professionals to get in touch with your band when needed.


Everyone loves a backstory, and all bands start somewhere. Tell your unique story about how your band started and the journey you've taken to where you are today. Describe your music and who it is for. It doesn't have to be long, but your biography should tell fans what to expect.

Don't just write your bio once and neglect it. You don't have to make updating your bio a weekly thing, but, every now and then, you should refresh it, especially if something big has happened.

Your website plays a major role in how you market your band. By following the tips above, you can make sure it's as professional-looking as possible and a true representation of your musical style.

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