3 Types of Consistency That Will Lead To Social Success

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"Showing up on social? Yeh, that's 1/2 of the battle." - L. Patterson
Before you spend another hard-earned dollar on a random boosted post or Facebook ad, take a little time to "clean up" first. You know what I mean...
When you get that unexpected visitor that says they're in your neigborhood and will be over in about 15 minutes.... Dirty dishes find their way to the dishwasher (or in the oven, no judgement), clothes magically jump into the closet and the pillows all of a sudden look straightened on the couch!

It's the same with social media.

Why spend money getting new fans to come visit you on social if you're not ready to roll out the welcome wagon?

Of course, you've probably heard the phrase that "consistency is key", but let's take a minute to recognize that being consistent is more than just how often you post.


What's your personality? How do you communicate in person? Often your band (i.e. brand) will be an extension of your own persona. Not always and by no means is it a rule, but just be sure your messaging is clear so that you are attracting - and repelling - the right audience.

If you're a naturally warm and welcoming indie folk artist who performs acoustically at fairs and festivals, you probably have a similar vibe when posting. It might be a little jarring to see you using with profane language on comments or promoting with aggressive messages.

Think about your music, your personality, and the words you use to communicate them both.

Looking for some inspiration? 

Visit Words-to-Use.com for some ideas. You'll see a set of tabs at the top of the music menu. Click on phrases and adjectives and explore!

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Almost as important as the words you type, are the visuals you use. How many high-end restaurants do you know who's decor is bright yellow and red? Until "McDonald's McSteakhouse" opens up, I'm not sure there'll be one! 😜 Take some time to think about and be conscious of your visual branding - font, logo, color scheme, emoji's, etc.

Hiring Out: If you need some work done, don't be afraid to check on sites like Upwork.com or Fiverr.com. As a work of caution though, do some research. Sure the newer contractors may have lower rates, but without a good sampling of reviews to read, it'll be hard to assess what you'll actually be getting.
Before you potentially get started or hire someone, one thing you might consider would be color meanings, or color psychology. Again, it's not a hard rule, but looking at the hidden meanings behind colors may help inform some of your branding decisions.

What visual message are you sending? What psychological triggers occur with each color? Take a look at this infographic to see examples of big brands.
color meanings, indie band coach
image credit: huff post


OK, notice that it doesn't say frequent schedule. The frequency in which you post is a little less important than the schedule you keep. If your fans respond to 1x/day on social, 1x/month in email, by all means, milk it. You can use social media insights to help inform your decisions.

Most social channels have insights that will let you know approximately when and how many of your current audience is online. Use that as a starting point and don't take it for granted.

If it looks like 3PM on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are when most of your audience is showing up, be sure to schedule some value-added content for those times. Give your posts the best chance at success.

It's the difference between consistency and convenience.

We also have a FREE Post Planner that can help you tailor your ideas and come up with a post schedule. Content is grouped into categories and helps you plan what you'll share. You can get a free copy here.
30 day post planner
If you're new to scheduling, no worries. I wrote an article for SocialMediaImpact.com about 10 Tools To Help You Plan and Schedule Your Social Media. I walk through how to use scheduling features in social platforms as well as some great tools that allow you to manage multiple channels at once.

I believe that we have all the tools available to us to create our own Netflix environment for our fans. There aren't any real gatekeepers anymore... only inconsistency and lack of knowledge that stand in our way of being successful and profitable.

Also, social media was never meant to replace communication, only to compliment it. Start as many conversations as you can and be intentional about the conversations you start.

Use consistency in your messages, your visuals, and your schedule to lay a foundation for branded success online. 
Grab your FREE 30 Day Post Planner and get started now.

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