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101 Social Media Posts for Musicians E-Book

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Follow the path of those who have already paved the way. We've collected 101 awesome Facebook post examples to help ignite your creativity.

The posts are categorized into three sections:

  • Image building posts - ones that help you build and communicate your brand
  • Network building posts - taking the opportunity to tag, share, and network with peers and influencers.
  • Promotional (income building) - focusing on how to creatively promote your passion to your fans and provide clear calls to action.

You'll be able to swipe text, concepts, and image examples from indie artists and some of the world's biggest music icons including Justin Timberlake, Chance the Rapper, Beyonce', Elton John, and more.

It's $5 for a venti latte at Starbuck's. Put that 5-spot towards creative posts for your music.

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