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If Your Go-To Music Marketing Plan Is "Please Come to My Show" We're Here to Help

The #1 Reason Musicians Give For Struggling With Social Media is "I Don't Know What to Post."


Get Access to Your Own Social Media Secret Weapon

With your 30-Day Social Calendar, you'll have a treasure chest of ideas at your fingertips. 
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64% of Twitter Users & 51% of Facebook Users are more likely to buy from bands they follow

100 Million Hours of Video are watched on Facebook every single day.

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Get your 30-Day Social Content Calendar designed with you in mind. It's packed full of 150+ post topics, trending hashtags, and music-related events ready to plug right into your own schedule. 

Spend More Time On Stage and Less Time Online

The #2 Reason Musicians Gave for Having No Results with Social Media was Lack Of Time to Post.

If Content Is King, Consistency Is The Key To The Castle

With your 30-Day Social Calendar, you'll have a treasure chest of ideas at your fingertips. Know what will be trending and get specific ideas to connect with fans every. single. day.

Connecting With Your Audience Starts Way Before You Ever Hit The Stage

Unfortunately, there are a lot of bands out there that think it's the venue's job to bring the "people" and their job is just to entertain them at the show. The truth is, you need a plan to "entertain" and connect with followers online because social media is where they're "hanging out" when they make plans for the weekend.

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Plan ideas quarterly around big shows and major holidays


Schedule posts monthly to join in trending topics and plan promotions


Create (or curate) content weekly to build a ready-to-use resource


Daily comment, respond, share, and interact with your fans.

Each week we're committed to bringing you hands-on training and walking through step by step how to create great visual content with amazingly easy tools! Connect with musicians and band leaders from around the globe as we share information, inspiration, and action steps to help you manage your music.
Stop Struggling For Ideas and Start Growing Your Fanbase

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