How to Optimize Your Facebook Events Plus Awesome New Features

Facebook Rolls Out New Event Features To Help You Connect With Fans And Get Them To Shows

Facebook Event features

Using social media to market your band takes time and intention. With Facebook's new event updates, you will be able to easily use your events strategically and not just as placeholders.

They're great opportunities to see who has *raised their hand* and then give 'em a virtual high five while their hand is still up! Here are some of the updates you should see the next time you go to create an event.


You'll be able to choose which type of event you'd like to start with.

facebook event dashboard

A private event will only be visible to those who are invited. You will also be able to determine whether or not your guests can invite others.

Private or Public event dropdown Facebook

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You know how you never really have a great image ready when you create your event? Now for a private event, Facebook allows you to easily choose a theme and an event image.

Facebook event theme and image

Recommended themes will be shown when you open the event dashboard. However, you can also click on "Choose A Theme" to see more options.

Facebook choose a theme for your event

Here are the options for themes for which you can choose:

  • Featured
  • Party
  • Birthday
  • Food and Drink
  • Family 
  • Holiday

(and once you click on the More menu...)

  • Travel
  • Recreation
  • Seasons


Most of the functionality for public events should look familiar (if you've created an event recently). But there are some notable additions that should make it easier for fans to be informed about your shows.

Creating a public Facebook event

After filling out all of the necessary basics for your event, you'll now have the ability to add some ticketing options.

+ Are You Promoting Literally or Emotionally?


When fans express interest in going, you'll now be able to provide 'soft' calls to action like asking guests to 'confirm their attendance.' This will be especially beneficial (for you and your fans) when seating is reserved or space is limited.

Additional ticketing options include Create Tickets and Add Ticket Link.

Facebook event ticket options


When it comes to making people aware of your shows, there's no reason to limit yourself to only social media. In fact, you should definitely work into your promotional strategy.

Here are a few reasons why...

Eventbrite traffic volume

  1. Eventbrite has tons of organic, local traffic looking for things to do. People hang out on the site over 2 1/2 minutes browsing 3 different pages on average.
  2. You can link Eventbrite directly to your Facebook event. In fact, your fans will be able to sign up or purchase your Eventbrite tickets without ever leaving Facebook.
  3. On Instagram, you can add a custom 'Action Button' to your profile and link it to your Eventbrite gig. Fans visiting you on Instagram will be able to connect to and purchase tickets. 

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Use these new features to save time and build a stronger connection with potential attendees.

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