How to Easily Sell More Tickets on Instagram

You’ve done the hard part -- the calling, the booking, the negotiating, and even the promoting. There are wheels in motion and your whole goal now is to get butts in seats.


The BEST thing you can do at this point? Make it as easy as possible for your fans to make impulse purchases.


Most marketing research says it takes people seeing a promotion 7x before they act. Well, regardless of what view it is, you want your fans to be very clear on what they should do and make it extremely easy for them to do it.


But what does that mean? A few things…


  1. Make sure your show information is easily found, searchable, and clear.
  1. Provide a way for fans to purchase in as few amount of clicks as possible.
  1. Have a system in place to make sure their purchase is confirmed and tickets (or instructions) are delivered directly to them.




It’s been almost two years now, but in May 2018 the Instagram + Evenbrite partnership was announced as a way to “turn browsing into ticket sales” on Instagram.


This option is an awesome way to implement an additional link besides the one clickable option in the profile. With this clear button and a streamlined purchase process, event-goers on Instagram can buy tickets to your shows in a couple easy steps. 



To add a “Get Tickets” button, follow these steps…

  1. Tap “Edit Profile”
  2. Select “Contact Options >” 
  3. Click on “Add an action button” 
  4. Choose Eventbrite as the action
  5. Enter your Eventbrite URL. 

Once you’re complete, head back to your profile to confirm and test the Get Tickets button.


NOTE: This option is only available on business accounts (currently not an option for creator or personal profiles).




While this is a fairly simple process to activate, the benefits can really help fans (and new fans) find your shows. And yes, a simple process is always better.


A couple of benefits to integrating your tickets with social - a simplified checkout and info on your customers.


  • Simplified Checkout: Once your fans click the “Get Tickets” button, their name and email will already be auto-filled in the checkout from their Instagram account. This means they won’t have to re-enter their name or email and cut out yet another step! 


  • Tracking Sales: Also through this integration, you can track your Instagram ticket sales from on your Eventbrite Dashboard. This will help make it clear how well your posts are performing that are specifically coming from Instagram. Then you can use your Instagram insights to track time of day, day of the week, etc.

Make it easy for fans to find you. Make it extremely easy for people to give you money, because “a confused mind never buys.” 

(I’ve also heard that quote saying “a confused mind always says no.”)


You have a huge advantage when it comes to content if you have live shows because they are inherently visual (i.e. “Instagram-worthy”). 




Eventbrite allows you to create three different types of tickets -- free, paid, and donation.


If your event is free and you’re not charging for tickets, there is no fee to use Eventbrite. This is an awesome way to keep track of your potential attendees and it allows them to make a micro-commitment. Even if there’s no charge, event-goers will enter their email address, and select the number of tickets.


For the paid ticket option, you’ll have the ability to absorb the service fee or pass it along to your ticket buyers. And donations provide a way for people to contribute to the event without actually attending and to provide their own amount.


💡IDEA: How could you use the Donation Ticket option for your diehard fans that aren’t within driving distance of your show?


More info on Eventbrite and ticket options here: 7 Online Sites to Promote Your Shows That Aren’t Social Media.


Also, get more info on creating and editing Eventbrite ticket types here.


You can also easily integrate your tickets with you Facebook Events.


Lastly, you can even embed a checkout for tickets on your website. Follow those instructions here.




Leonard Patterson is an avid fan of all things New Edition, an indie-focused booking agent, a frequent hi-fiver, and a certified digital marketer. Since stepping off stage as a band manager/front man of a 6-figure party band, he launched Indie Band Coach with a mission to help indie bands reach more fans and book more gigs. When he’s not working, he’s most likely at a live music event, analyzing Marvel movies, or soaking up vitamin D at the beach with his wife and son. 

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