Being You: A How to Guide

From If you’re anything like me, some days you wake up full of self confidence, ready to take on the world.  Then, the next day you struggle to remember your name (and even then aren’t sure that you even like it very much).  What happens?

People happen.

Opinions are free flowing these days.  People seem to be more and more willing to become the very hate they word puke about yet we are also more connected, more advanced and potentially have more creative outlets than ever before.

As I ponder this balance, I decided to make a short list on how to keep confidence up and negatives down. In a lot of ways this is a ‘note to self’ but maybe it can be helpful to you as well.


  1. Ask: what makes my soul light up? People, places, events. Specifically. What is it?
  2. What is it that I love to do? Consider – how am I using my body? Do I imagine myself sitting all the time? Or being more active? What are things I love to DO?
  3. Do I believe I can DO & HAVE all of it? If not, whose option have I allowed to become my own?
  4. Remind myself: I am not ‘lucky’ to be able to do things that make me happy.  I have desires in my heart because that is who I am uniquely made to be.  Allowing myself to hear my truths isn’t selfish, it’s the path to ‘me being me.’
  5. Life is lived in all the emotions and just because some days might be challenging doesn’t mean I’m not good enough or should give up.  It’s just what it is.  A temporary circumstance. Nothing more.
  6. My identity can’t be found in anyone else but me (seriously, no one else.)
  7. Being me is awesome.  The more I believe that, the more others will see it too.

“Do what you love as you live, that is to be consistently you.” Unknown. 

Here’s to living fully, choosing to be a light in the chaos and learning to be consistently and authentically you.

Do what you love. Love what you do.


Jessica Patterson

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