5 Places to List Your Shows In Addition to Social Media

5 Places to List Your Shows In Addition to Social Media

5 places to List Shows Indie Band Coach

📆Don't get me wrong: Facebook Events are great, but they're not the only game in town.

And our website?

More than likely, we're going to have to "drive" people there for them to see when/where we're playing.

It's no surprise, our audience has a TON of other places they might visit first vs. looking for shows on Facebook.

Another thing to consider in terms of event promotion. Are you hitting up the SAME people every week, or are you continually trying to reach new fans?

When it comes to promoting your show, try a combination of driving traffic to your brand (i.e. social media and your website) AND showing up where your fans are already looking.


Is your band, your event, or venue showing up when you search "things to do in (your city)?" What websites ARE showing up and how can you be there?
Most event listing sites are scrambling for content because it means website traffic. They've usually got a free version of their account.

Check out these 5 Places to List Your Show In Addition to Social Media.

Currently, the only event site that enables you to sync with Facebook, Spotify, AND Instagram.

In addition to easy integrations with Facebook, Alexa will inform your fans via voice search courtesy of Bandsintown.

Use Songkick to feed your gigs to streaming platforms like Spotify, Pandora, Shazam, Soundcloud and more.

Similar to Eventbrite, this is a great alternative for increasing search results in your market based on local searches.

If there are events happening regularly in your city, there are multiple local listing sites available. Search "Things to do in (your city)" and research the top few sites that appear.

There are a lot agreements and integrations taking place that make it easier for people to find you and your shows!

Do you have the "Do" brand where you are?

For example, here in Southern CA, it's "DoLA", while a couple of sites I'm familar with from the midwest are area code-specific: Do317 (Indianapolis IN) and Do312 (Chicago IL). 

💡What are some places or listings you've had success with?

Let me know in the comments!




  • All of these sites are free Alan!

  • Are all of these sites Free ? Or do they charge fees?

    Alan Kaye

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