3 Basics of Marketing Every Band Should Know

Presenting your band's music to the world can seem like an easy thing to do. Simply put up a few tunes or videos online, and you're done, right? In reality, however, there are a lot of moving parts to craft a functional and successful marketing campaign for your band.

Fortunately, just understanding the basics can place you above and beyond most other musicians in your genre and in your scene. So it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with a few simple marketing techniques before going live with your own campaign.


Find Your Audience

One of the most common mistakes made by bands is thinking that their audience is only located within one social media page or medium. However, the fact is that today, people are more likely to enjoy your music when it can be found where they already are. This is why it is important to take time to find our where your audience "hangs out online" the most.

Obviously, in the midst of a pandemic, literally ALL of your current fans and future fans are spending some time online. Your job is to find them, engage with them, and offer them value ("value" does not have to mean music.).

The good news is, there may be multiple places where you'll find them. It could be your Facebook music page, an active Facebook group, or even a popular hashtag on Instagram. Consider exposing your band and your music to a variety of people throughout multiple mediums. 

Don't Wing It

When it comes to successfully marketing your band, the worst thing you can do is simply wing it. Competition is heavy, especially within this industry, and having a plan on hand is the best way to make sure that you are utilizing your resources and funds as much as possible.

Having clear marketing objectives will keep you on track. But what are those?What are you trying to measure? This may consist of knowing where you want to be in a certain number of months, how many views you want on your new music video, or number of subscribers you want on your email list.


Keep Record of Your Progress

The only way to know if your marketing campaign is working is to keep track of it consistently. This means utilizing online features, such as Google Analytics to determine who is not only visiting your website but also interacting with it. This provides you with valuable data that can help to refine your marketing strategy.

The music industry is no doubt one of the most difficult markets to break into. Therefore, it is highly recommended that your band has the right marketing strategy in place when you decide to showcase your talents to the world.

This all begins by understanding basic marketing strategies. By acknowledging the need for marketing, creating a plan, and keeping a record of your progress you can be well on your way to successfully marketing you and your music.

"What you measure will grow." -- Russell Brunson

So by focusing on your goals and measuring them, you'll be well on your way to meeting them in the long run.

Need help with your band’s marketing strategy. Schedule a one on one strategy call where we’ll discuss how we can help you accomplish your goals.


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