3 Audience Temperatures: Why To Strike When the Fans Are Hot

Got a quick second for some idle chit-chat?

Cool - Let's talk about the weather.

Ok, it's not technically about the weather, but it is focusing on temperature and how it can affect your days.

Now, depending on what the temperature is outside, we're doing to dress differently. We're going to have different things to consider.

If it's cold, I'm probably going to be putting on a lot more layers, more time, and more effort into getting ready.

If it's hot outside, my out of bed-into-my-car timeframe is going to be considerably less in comparison.

Here's where I'm going with this...

There's been a lot of discussion among some fellow musicians about what it means to be supported by our fans. It got me thinking about how we can better focus on our fanbase by acknowledging that they're NOT all in the same place on their journey with us as artists. 

+ How to Focus (Your Lens) On Your Fans

So I wanted to take a minute to paint a scenario first.

You're at a shopping mall with a friend to purchase a coffee maker for your apartment. Obviously, you'll pass lots of stores and sales counters along the way. So assuming you're NOT the world's most impulsive buyer 😉, which situation are you going to be more likely to make a purchase?

1️⃣️ You get interrupted by a salesperson with "Tireless Wireless" who has a clipboard. They're at a kiosk promoting their great deal on wireless internet.
2️⃣️ You pass by "I Love Theze Teez", a novelty store and stop at the window to check out the display.
3️⃣️ You're at your destination store "Coffee, Tea, and Me", have asked a couple questions about their coffee makers and even compared prices. 

Again, notwithstanding the "impulsive days" where you could've potentially walked out with a coffee maker, 3 Marvel t-shirts, and 50% off the first 12 mo. with Tireless Wireless, more than likely you're going to say #3.

So that scenario directly represents your readiness to act - or your "temperature".

It's the same with your fans, and if you hadn't made the correlation yet...

➡️ Social media is definitely the mall.

Cold, Warm, Hot Audiences

Our fans and followers are going to be on social browsing for all different types of reasons all along the "temperature" scale. If we want to get people to interact with your content, buy our music, or even more attend our show, we need to realize that psychologically we are technically an interruption (sorry).

That's one of the main reasons we focus on the MusicBizSocial calendar. It's all non-promotional things you can share to stay "top of mind" and give you more reasons to connect with your followers.

social media calendar for musicians

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So food for thought. What are some of the calls to action we ask our fans to take? And are they matched up with the right temperature?

✔️ A "cold" fan who's never heard of you? Boost a live video of you performing and "target" people whose interest include that artist and music genre. (no call to action)
✔️ Someone who follows your page and likes your posts? 
Treat them as "warm" and ask for a small commitment - maybe to interact with a post or possibly join your email.
✔️ Someone local who has commented on posts/videos, follows you on multiple social channels, and added you on Spotify? - They're "hot" and probably ready for a show invite.

What other examples can you think of?

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