24 Free Stock Photo Sites (And Examples Of When To Use Them)

📸 Guess what? You don’t have to CREATE every single piece of content you publish.

We all know that content is important to your online presence. And you can probably get by with most of your pics and videos being taken on your phone — but if you’re looking for more options, don’t be afraid to dip into the content well and see what’s available.

Here are 24 Free Stock Photo Sites (there are a bunch more) to visit and get ideas. Check these sites for their attribution and licensing info, find images, backgrounds, and patterns for your website, EPK, and social media.

What are some ways you can use them? What are some issues that might come up where they'd be relevant? Here are just a couple...

Example: New Wedding Band Website
PROBLEM: You’re a newer band just starting out and you want to start playing weddings. You want to appeal to brides and wedding coordinators when they visit your site but all you’ve got are a couple of promo pics in jeans and the random photoshoot your friend took from your live show at Joe’s Grill. And... you haven’t actually played any weddings before.

SOLUTION: check out websites like WeddingWire and TheKnot to get a vibe for the aesthetics. Search one or more of the stock photo sites for “wedding”, “wedding entertainment”, “wedding background”, “wedding couple”, etc.
Create a separate page on your site, title it weddings, and list the services you provide. Compliment the page with a couple of wedding photos, and possibly a background.
Example: Facebook Events
PROBLEM: You’ve just changed band members and have absolutely ZERO pics of your current lineup. You just booked 3-4 pretty big shows for the Fall and want to get events created and start promoting ASAP.

SOLUTION: ***Do not wait for the band photoshoot*** I repeat - you'll be tempted to "wait" until all of the pieces to the puzzle are in place before making your show announcement. **DON'T WAIT**.

Either take a couple of pics at the next practice and/or use some stock photo love and slap your logo on it. Search the sites for the environment you’ll be in for that event.

— Playing a club? Search “nightclub” or “nightlife”
— Playing a festival? Search “local festival”, or “outdoor music”
— Playing a restaurant? Search “dinner music”, “restaurant”

Obviously - YOU WANT YOUR FANS TO GET TO KNOW YOU, so these are not your first places to start.

But in a pinch? What other uses would be good for #stockphotos? Enjoy. Work Smarter #GigHarder

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