15 Tips To Be Awesome At Clubs and Private Events

Have you ever heard that saying: “The Extra Mile Isn’t Crowded”? Like, there’s so few people doing it and making the extra effort, that the bar is really low to stand out.

But why is that? More importantly, what’s the “extra mile” mean for you? What are some extras you’re willing to provide that other bands or musicians may take for granted?

Excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude. — Ralph Marston

You’d probably be surprised at the number of times I had a manager message me or compliment our band after a show: “thanks so much for having a great show, and honestly just picking up your trash after you were done. Nobody does that and it helps my crew get home sooner.

Take a look at how you do things.

Observe your habits — good and bad — and see what things you can cut out or add in. To give you a little boost, here are 15 ways you and your band might be able to stand out at club gigs and private gigs.


  1. Clean up your stage and/or green room after the show. Leave it how you found it (or better).⠀
  2. Get posters to the club early AND email them an electronic version for their social media.⠀
  3. Create a FB event for the show and make the club the co-host (or ask to co-host theirs if it’s already created).
  4. Do you have merch? Make sure the bartenders and wait staff at your most frequent clubs have your gear.
  5. Find out what the club’s specials are and make that part of your shout outs. (i.e. — show that you’re trying to make them money).
  6. Send pics from the show to the club the day after and/or tag them on social media. Help them promote themselves.
  7. Say “thank you” to the bar staff, manager, talent buyer, etc. before you leave. You’d be amazed at how few ‘thank you’s’ get thrown around :-)
“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.” ― Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon.com

Consistently Build Your Social Proof

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 Now, you may not be able to execute all of these tips. In fact, it’s best to choose 1 or 2 that you can do naturally and on a regular basis and focus on that. Make it your “signature” thing. Promote it as part of your brand.

The most benefit will come from what you can do consistently.

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Private, Wedding, Corporate Events

The same holds true for the awesome, well-paying, longer day, (sometimes) high maintenance private events.

You’ve got a whole new set of rules which are also opportunities to shine.

From corporate parties and their coordinators, to weddings with stressed out brides & grooms, to that talent buyer for the booking agency who books 10 bands for each event, you’ve got a chance to above and beyond. Here’s just a few examples…


  1. As much as humanly possible, treat everyone with respect throughout the entire process.
  2. Send a hand-written thank you note for letting you be a part of their event.
  3. Take pictures during the show and if appropriate, share on facebook or offer to send directly to the organizer.
  4. Of course this can all be done via email and phone calls, but take the time to meet with the bride & groom if possible.
  5. Coordinate timeline and logistics with other vendors and make it a seamless event for the client.
  6. Visit the venue ahead of time if it’s your first time there.
  7. For weddings, find out what the colors are and try to coordinate if possible
  8. Oh yeh… and clean up your stage and/or green room after the show. Leave it how you found it (or better).
“A strong consistent brand, built up over time, is the best guarantee of future earnings.” — Unknown

The common denominator?

Honestly, it’s just to care… and to show it on stage and off.

Customer Service (as cliche’ as that term may sound) — like reeaaally good customer service is also one of the BEST ways to build brand (band) loyalty!

Think about it. Do you want to work with the guys that left the stage a mess? Do you want to book the band that never promotes your venue and constantly nags you for a raise? Probably not.⠀

So just take a second and ask yourself: What do you already do as a band or musician to give your clubs or clients something extra?

OK. Once you answer that question, now ask yourself: what ELSE can you do? See, that’s the “extra mile” question few band leaders will ask, which is precisely why that mile isn’t crowded.

But I have no worries. I’ll see you there.

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