9 Amazing Gift Ideas to Motivate Musicians - All Under $60

It's a widely known fact that by nature, musicians are typically creative creatures. What's not widely known though is the difficulty those around them have when trying to find the perfect gift. What do you get the musician in your life who is typically pretty picky or just buys it themselves? 
The first rule of thumb, especially if you're not familiar with their instrument, is to pretty much stay away from large gear purchases. Most of the musicians I know treat their gear with the utmost care and concern and let's just say, it can be VERY easy to miss the mark. Again, that's if you're not familiar. If you know the weight of the strings they like and how they like their vocal on a Sennheiser vs. a Shure, etc. then by all means make. gifts. happen!
But if you're trying to surprise them and want a list of 10 relatively safe bets, take a look at these gift ideas(priced low to high) that juuust might help keep the happy on the hard-working musicians in your life. 
Price $8.50 and up
What musician wouldn't want an awesome poster for their studio? 100's of gift ideas for the most finicky music buff or slightly obsessed fan!
Price $12.90
These great coasters are created from actual vinyl LP records with the original labels intact. They're protected with a clear mylar seal and each set includes 6 coasters in a wide range of artists/bands/music styles/genres/label colors. 
Available @ IndieBandCoach.com (Yep, that'd be us)
Price $16.95 and up
Don't just wear something, start a conversation! Our goal is to give musicians and music lovers great gift ideas and help them express themselves! So depending on when you read this, we ARE wheelin' and dealin' for the holidays and there's always something on sale.
Price $18.99
It's always #ThrowbackThursday when you've got 2000 songs on a cassette. This flash drive cassette can hold 8GB of Music, Videos, Photos, and is perfect for nostalgic gifts, wedding gifts, or your latest band own merch item! 
Price $33.99
Get the iconic Beats look with the signature Apple design for use with an iPad, iPhone, or iPod (those are still around, right)?
Price $43.92
If the fact that this set of four 16 oz. pint glasses arrives in a collectible Fender box doesn't make it "gift-worthy" enough, I don't know what will. This set features unique frosted Stratocaster "American Original" guitar graphic and is waiting to be put under the tree.
Price $43.98
This wireless option is great if you need to make a little more noise in the room! It's compatible with your choice of either iOS or Android devices. Speaker comes with a built-in strap-hook and optional carrying strap, so music lovers can take their tunes everywhere.
Consider these next items on the list for the working musician that'sactively looking for gigs and marketing themselves. 
Price $49.00/year
When the musician in your life is looking for 1000's of music festivals, craft shows, art festivals & fairs in the US and Canada, this may be the perfect gift. It takes some work to find their niche, but the subscription includes full show details & rating, complete contact info with name, email, and phone number of talent buyers, and the ability to upload 3 Songs/Videos, 15 Images, and more.
Price $59.95
This is the real deal. If you know a musician wanting to map out a small tour, connect with radio stations, start their PR campaign, or finally record their cd, this is indeed the bible for indie musicians! For $60 (with your handy dandy Indie Band Coach discount) you'll be giving the gift of 2500 magazines and music blogs, 3100 radio stations, 1100 labels and distributors, 1000 promotion, marketing, management, and PR services, and 400 sites where they can upload their band's MP3s or video.
And there you have it. 
Of course, there's honorable mention too. Let's just acknowledge how easy it is nowadays to access all the music you could ever want, but don't forget their favorite cd (no, like the physical cd with a booklet that can still be purchased at some stores). If those are too hard to find, you can also gift them subscriptions to Spotify or Apple Music as well. Chances are, you probably have a good idea of their music tastes!
Happy holidays and happy shopping from Indie Band Coach! Let us know what some of your favorite gifts have been in the comments below!

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